How many dispute rounds will I need?

You determine how long you want to dispute the negative accounts on your credit profile. Typically individuals need between 6-9 dispute rounds if they have 10 or more negative accounts reporting.

What is the refund policy?

Our refund policy is simple, if you have not downloaded your DIY PRO letters in the month of billing then you are eligible for a refund if you decide to cancel services.

Will the letters work on any negative account?

From collections to chargeoffs to bankruptcy, our PRO Letters have helped with all types of accounts. In addition to writing the letters, we also provide a dispute strategy that we are confident will help you achieve your goals

Will I see score improvement?

We are transparent in how disputing effects your scores, your scores are not jut determined by negative accounts being removed or added. There are several other factors that determine your credit scores that you will have to take responsibility in educating yourself on. We do offer credit score building resources that can help improve your score depending on your profile.

What are the terms and conditions of the DONE-FOR-YOU DIY PRO LETTERS SUBSCRIPTION?

  1. Cancelation Policy : You can cancel services at any time. It is recommended to cancel 30 days BEFORE your next recurring payment. If you cancel after a new professional letters have been sent to you, you forfeit any refund options. Once cancelation has been submitted we will turn off all recurring sequence with your cad on file. You will need to download any letters inside your file within 30 days from your portal folder.

  1. Refund Policy : Refunds are forfeited if subscriber cancels credit monitoring services while a dispute round is in progress which will cause for our team to not be able to update any account deletions. This is DIY subscription refunds are not provided to subscriber who fail to mail out letters, once subscribers files shows letters have been downloaded by subscriber it is the responsibility of the subscriber to provide them to the creditors, credit bureaus and or collectors by mail, email, fax, and/or upload.

  1. Chargeback Policy : We will prosecute to the fullest form of the law if subscriber issue a chargeback with their financial institution for ANY payments made to T M LUCKETT ENTERPRISES for DONE-FOR-YOU-DIY PRO Letters.*** This a digital product ***

  1. Credit scores : WE DO NOT GUARANTEE increasing of credit scores, there are other factors outside of negative accounts that makes up a credit score and is the responsibility of the subscriber to become educated on those factors to improve their personal credit scores. Credit scores MAY fluctuate while disputing any records on your credit file .

  2. Deletions : WE DO NOT GUARANTEE the removal of any negative accounts. Results vary from credit file to credit file

Copyright 2023 Classy Credit Repair Services

Copyright 2023 Classy Credit Repair Services